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Reports state that an average user watches 5.5 hours of videos each day. Videos, podcasts, memes, etc are few of the trending marketing strategies that is not going anywhere pretty soon. There are different ways such content can be put used for marketing and sales purpose. The only constant if that, it needs to engaging, humorous and of high quality. An average visual content get 158% more engagement rate than other form of content online.

Print Design

Print designs are no longer an easy task at hand. Brands, all over, have started being creative making it difficult for us to compromise on print designs any more. Let it be a small newspaper ads or comprehensive catalogues, it needs to be unique, creative andbrand-able.

Website Design

With every passing generation comes a new, quicker and easier way to get things done. The Internet is here to stay and has become a primary source for entrepreneurs who seek to boost the awareness and credibility of their business ventures. At Crazy Hippos, we help our clients to establish a powerful online presence, providing all-round support ranging from Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce, Device Friendly designs.


Branding is a really strong word that will one day denote your product and services. Everything starts with your brand, it’s the only way customers understand and perceive you. The very element of branding starts from the logo design, choosing the right color of represent you along with every single message you convey. It’s essential that that each and every element is well though out and carefully crafted to build the perfect corporate identity you need.

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